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About Me

I love what I do…..

I think it’s important to know a bit about me. When one spends so much time with someone it’s easier knowing that you understand my background. I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember and have taken it seriously from about the same time (I remember my art from grade 1). Art has shaped me and my thoughts throughout my career. I see myself as an creative, expressing myself through the arts; I am someone that tries really hard to capture art in life, and the beauty of life's art,  be it photography, painting and wood work, amongst many other mediums.

I studied art and photography and love bringing this creative foundation into my work. I take huge inspiration from artists in the renaissance period; an age of discovery and expression, the fundamental principle being light and how we capture it to form a emotion.

I started my career before the age of digital photography and spent more time in the dark room developing negatives than at home, and almost always have a camera or pencil nearby. 

Through my lens I manage to capture special moments never to be forgotten.

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